Project presentation

Section Paloise Pelote

UX/UI design

Redesign of a website for a Basque pelota club.

  • Visual identity: colors, typography, imagery (graphic elements) 
  • Writing content
  • Design of Figma models
  • Webflow development with Finsweet Client-First
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"Céline has redesigned our association's website. I find it clear, readable and precise, in a word "nice" and accessible for a philistine like me. And then, I had to get my hands dirty, sorry, on the keyboard and the "tutorials", from simple editor and supplier of articles and information I became Céline Gestas' privileged interlocutor. She had her work cut out for her, I'll give her that! Enormous performance, based on competence, smile, patience, pedagogy, and then icing on the cake availability. The fact that she's gifted is normal, that's her job, and the fact that she can turn ignoramuses into addicts to her site, that's art, great art. My thanks to Céline are written in very, very large letters."